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Tamara McPhan - Practitioner Profile

Tamara McPhan - Massage Therapist

One thing I know for sure, after 13 years as a massage therapist, is that massage is far more than a momentary relaxing experience. To be truthful about 90% of “my people” as I like to call my clients would never refer to my massage as relaxing in the first place, and all of them would agree that the results are never momentary.

“My people” feel good after a treatment (you've got to admit it's addictive-endorphins and all) and we build a solid practitioner/patient relationship because I genuinely care about their wellbeing.

Let’s face it, massage is personal, so it is only natural that my clients become people who I care about and therefore their wellbeing becomes very important to during the initial consultation I investigate to determine the best approach. Most people know when a physical condition started, they just forget, and then two or three years down the track the beginning of pain becomes buried under layers of red herrings...referral pain, that distracts or creates confusion about the ‘real cause’.


Tamara McPhan - Massage TherapistThis is the part I love!

My Diploma in Health Science gave me a taste for connecting the anatomical dots to go through the process of identifying the beginning, removing the layers of confusion, then fixing the cause.

That’s why I love deep tissue massage... and I like to share what I love.

People often notice improvement the moment they get off the table - some even during their treatment which is a great result, but from my perspective it is just the beginning and a taste of the potential for consistent treatment.


My favorite saying is “You can never have enough massage, so listen to your body, it's your best guide”


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