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Sports Injuries Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries

We provide assessment and a wide range of treatment for sporting injuries.

Our practitioners have experience with athletes from most disciplines. We have treated at all levels and virtually all conditions.

Whatever your game... we are on your team, we have treated players from the following; AFL, League, Union, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, Runners and marathoners, Cyclists, Tri-athletes, Ten-pin Bowling, Cricket, Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Surfing, Baseball, Gridiron, Crocquet, Lawn Bowls, Boce, Hang-gliders and para-sailers...hey, if it's a game...and you get an injury...give us a call.

From massage and advice on strapping, to the most efficient modalities such as FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent.)

We have acupuncture, trigger point dry needling, laser, ultrasound, cryo, electrostim, magnetic field...

When quick recovery is important, contact us

Back Pain

When back pain disrupts your activity, we offer a comprehensive analysis to properly determine the cause and best treatment. We provide many different treatment options and we have huge experience (30 + 30 + 31+ 31 + 29 years in practice). We don't sell amway.
For info on Massage Modalities, see Massage – what is it? - We use massage in conjunction with Chiropractic and Osteopathy .


A Common Sports Injury:

Shin Splints

Here is the summary on shin splints, also known as tibial tendonitis.

Pain located below the knee involving anterior or posterior leg typically reported several minutes after exercise begins or soon after completion.
Pain reported as deep, aching or throbbing; onset gradual although intensifies as exercise continues.

Overloading phenomenon;
typically secondary to running, jumping on hard surfaces or overuse. Due to periosteal inflammation associated with overuse injury. Leg muscles being torn away from bony insertions. Inflammation from muscle pulling at myotendinous origin.


Anterior Compartment
Occurs with over-training when running hills, pain increases mostly when running downhill. Lateral Compartment
Affects athletes with over pronation or excessive activity with peroneal muscle groups.
Posterior tibial shin splints most common.
Seen often in runners and aerobic dancers.

Treatment Goals
Promote soft tissue healing, relieve pain and prevent recurrence, increase pain free ranges of motion, quickly change to rehabilitation and restoring function.
Rest affected area; stop aggravating activities; reduce running time, alter running style.

In addition to clinical treatment: Acute - Ice, ice massage, ultrasound for acute phase; for sub-acute, apply various massage techniques; stretch affected muscles, including quads and hamstrings.


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Dr Peter Pedersen DO DC NTMD (Osteopath - Chiro - Integrative Medicine)

Dr Clive Carter DC DO (Chiropractor)

Sarie Kessler (Physiotherapist)

Tamara McPhan (Remedial Massage)

Sarah Williams (Remedial Massage)

Mai Muto (Remedial Massage, Dry Needling)

Chrissie Gray (Massage)

Phimphanit Lojaroenkit "Nong" (Myotherapy - Remedial Massage)

Robin Tim So (TCM, Acupuncture)

Kathy Pedersen (Qi beauty Practitioner and Training)

Kirby Pedersen (Yoga Teacher, Reiki, Crystal and Energetic Healing)

Taara Pedersen (Qi beauty practitioner)

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