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After Care Recovery

Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen


Neck Conditions

After adjustment, your neck may need some gentle care. Heat can be quite soothing, a hot shower or "wheat-pack", muscle balm or "Relaxing" cream.
If your neck already feels hot, or you have tried heat without relief, there may be some inflammation, try an ice pack for 5-10 minutes.

Natural anti-inflammatories such as vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, or mixed ascorbates), quercetin, ginger, turmeric, bioflavinoids and many herbal compounds are much safer than anti-inflammatory drugs.

Our dispensary can supply you with the appropriate natural anti- inflammatory.

Use a rolled towel whilst lying on your back to help support your neck muscles. Neck exercises may also be advisable to help restore and strengthen your neck muscles, our practitioners are able to help you in this regard and with advice on posture and work station set-up.

Massage will also aid in recovery, but make sure it is gentle and soothing massage. Avoid deep massage that hurts, massage should never hurt!


If you have been advised to rest your shoulder, keeping your arm in a sling, please do so. Applications of either heat or cold, (see guidelines above), gentle massage, stretching exercises.

Natural anti- inflammatories, particularly glucosamine, prove effective for shoulder problems. We have researched the products available on the Australian market and believe that "Doctors' Selection" is the best glucosamine sulphate currently available. We stock it and can send it to you if you can't get to us.

Appropriate strengthening exercises should only be undertaken after complete evaluation and in no circumstance should any exercise increase pain.

Please check with your practitioner before starting exercises.

Middle Back, Ribs, Chest

Generally, an ice pack over the tender area. Stretches over a pillow or rolled towel. Avoid slouching posture, keep your back straight.

Lower Back, Pelvis, Sacro-Iliac

Ice pack for 30 minutes, avoid sitting, standing knee raises are beneficial. Use stretches only as advised and take (natural) anti-inflammatory if pain is severe. Do not use heat, hot packs or hot baths. Heat increases inflammation. Arnica can be useful. Just floating or relaxing in water can sometimes give relief.

Avoid diving, exertion or strenuous swimming whilst pain is severe, (otherwise swimming is a great strengthening exercise for back problems). Flexibility training, stretching exercises and a strengthening program can be used for rehabilitation and prevention.

We will advise when and how to start.


Be careful with ice packs, they have been known to increase pain in some knee conditions. Use natural anti-inflammatories (Glucosamine is best for knees) and strapping. Avoid twisting and turning movements.

For fluid on the knee use a soda pack which helps remove excess fluid.

(Place washing soda, available at your supermarket, in a sock, place over swollen area and cover with plastic wrap or a towel, leave covered overnight)
Flexion and extension movements will increase circulation into the area and aid recovery once the swelling has gone down.

More information on Knee pain: KNEE PAIN - Non Surgical Solutions


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