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Phimphanit Lojaroenkit "Nong" (Myotherapy - Remedial Massage)

Our practice recognizes the importance of soft tissue correction.

Without healthy connective tissue, the body cannot repair, the biomechanics cannot re-learn, and the treatment will have to be (frequently) repeated.

How many times have you heard people who visit the chiro or physio say "I feel great after the treatment, but my problem keeps coming back"?

How often does one small injury persist and cause secondary problems?

Our original Myotherapy is the pure, unadulterated, 100% organic, hands on soft tissue re-education.

Our original Myotherapy focuses on detection and correction of soft tissue lesions. If there is an underlying biomechanical problem, it will be observed during the course of Myotherapy treatment and appropriate reacommendations will be made.

The benefits of original Myotherapy are numerous, it is a stand alone treatment ...many of our patients require nothing more than a few sessions to eliminate long standing conditions that have failed to improve with a variety of other treatments. Myotherapy alsp compliments other treatments such as chiropractic and osteopathy, acupuncture and massage.

How does it help? What can it do for me?

With our high levels of stress, sedentary lifestyle and repeated injuries, the soft tissue structures of the body do not have the opportunity to repair. The "muscle memory" locks in injury and restriction and our degenerative path is established. The correction of soft tissue injury is more complex than "rest" or "time". When injury has occurred, there is a change in the nature and construction of tissue. Fibrosis is a common result. Anti-inflammatories may reduce symptoms, but the cause remains uncorrected and the consequence is scar tissue and soft tissue adhesions which eventually limit range of motion and increase the risk of future injury."Time" actually makes most injuries worse, not better. Thickening of tissue causes compression of adjoining structures, interference to function and, you guessed, increases the risk of future injuries.

Myotherapy has amazing and predictable outcomes. Shoulders that have been restricted regain their range of motion. Knees that stiffen and creak become mobile. Wrists that have been targeted for "carpal tunnel" surgery perform normally. We speak from experience and with passion, you only need to experience original Myotherapy to understand.

Myotherapy encompasses many forms of muscle manipulation and many varied techniques, including procedures from:
Swedish Massage, soft tissue, deep tissue and connective tissue manipulation, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular techniques, proprioceptive stimuli, corrective exercise, stretching techniques & reflex stimulation.

Myotherapy can be utilized as 'before and after' Chiropractic or Osteopathic care and procedures and for all biomechanical complaints such as: backache,headache, general joint and muscle problems, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, asthma and breathing problems and to enhance general well-being, relaxation and circulation. We routinely use Myotherapy as an adjunct to our Chiropractic / Osteopathic procedures, imagine how effective the combination is? OK...try it and find out!

The main benefits are:

  1. It can help realign and balance the spine without manipulation.

  2. Unblocks spinal nerve pathways.

  3. Stimulates your circulation and breaks up adhesions.

  4. Exercises your muscles and mobilizes your joints.

  5. Increases range of motion.

Myotherapy is an effective treatment option for your physical pain and restriction. It is one of the most powerful therapies to improve performance, promote human potential

and direct us towards that elusive goal, "perfect health".

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Sarah Williams (Remedial Massage)

Mai Muto (Remedial Massage, Dry Needling)

Chrissie Gray (Massage)

Phimphanit Lojaroenkit "Nong" (Myotherapy - Remedial Massage)

Robin Tim So (TCM, Acupuncture)

Kathy Pedersen (Qi beauty Practitioner and Training)

Kirby Pedersen (Yoga Teacher, Reiki, Crystal and Energetic Healing)

Taara Pedersen (Qi beauty practitioner)

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