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Examines the effect of movements on health and performance.

Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen

Is it a fad or best practice musculoskeletal medicine?

Practitioners of biomechanics observe the body's movements during activity. Static assessment is secondary.

Comparisons of muscle strength and proportionate use are charted. (Muscle "problems" are frequently paired)

Range of motion and comfortable use patterns are determined. Preference is a frequent precursor of many conditions and is often overlooked, due to the invisibility of the familiar.

Tests of muscle strength, using Applied Kinesiology, help to establish causation. Occasionally tests with devices such as dynamometers will be used.

Different muscle interactions occur during different activities, (obviously). We consider the best treatment to be the one which most accurately addresses the muscle interactions in play during the activity which causes or aggrevates the "problem". Every treatment is specific, individualised.

There are no standard or off the shelf treatments as each and every condition is unique.

Imbalance of muscle function is not uncommon, weakness can result from injury, lack of use or even posture.

Our task is to find the aggrevating factor(s) and apply correction that restores balance, whether physical treatment or exercise physiology, we strive to provide best practice solutions. Our practitioners have extensive experience in the treatment of athletes, dancers and weekend warriors.

Do you have any of the following?

Lower Back & Hip Pain - Knee Pain - TFL or Iliotibial band Shin Pain - Achilles Tendonitis - Heel Pain & Spurs

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Of the more commonly overlooked causes of recurring conditions, gait biomechanics and foot alignment stand out as glaring examples of "invisibility of the familiar". Often, we find recurring lower back, hip. knee, TFL, shin, ankle, heel and foot conditions that have been treated repeatedly without regard to causation.

By correcting excess pronation (inward rolling of the foot) and realigning the feet to their neutral stress-free position, we are frequently able to reduce, even eliminate, chronic conditions as mentioned above.

This is "Old News" for athletes and anybody who already benefits from orthotic correction, but it will be a near-miracle for sufferers who have not been introduced to the concept .

We advocate the use of custom-made shoe insert, orthotics, molded to relieve excess pronation and other conditions.

They effectively restore the natural footprint and provide a stabilizing angle for the heel. This can remove muscle imbalances that cause use related problems in other regions. Occasionally, no other treatment is required.. .the correction of gait biomechanics brings about normalization of related musculoskeletal function.

But if you do require treatment of damaged, repeatedly strained or misaligned areas, we can provide that as well.


Simple yet effective, custom molded orthotics help correct excess pronation and other foot alignment problems and improve overall motion of the foot. This translates to improved biomechanical function, better mechano-reception and reduced stress response in muscles, tendons, joints and nerves.

The corrective angle of the orthotic helps to re-align the foot and leg around their correct neutral position, providing relief to above mentioned symptoms and complaints. Sounds too easy? Everything is when you get it right!

Our physiotherapist, Sarie Kessler, with over 30 years experience, can provide expert advice on lower limb biomechanics and exercise prescription. Sarie advocates the soft, flexible heat-molded orthotics rather than the rigid cast variety. The best news, she can custom mold orthotics for you during your consultation. Just bring the shoes you will wear most often so that the fit will be perfect. (You can swap orthotics between different pairs of shoes)

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