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If you are looking for skincare without chemicals and you would prefer to avoid surgical or injection procedures...


Qi Beauty Skincare Salon at

Your Health Matters


Your Skin MATTERS, too!


Kathy Pedersen has developed Qi Beauty...The anti-ageing process stimulating the known regenerative acupuncture points without needles, to increase Qi (chi), to hydrate and energize...


Because every face has different needs, every Qi beauty facial is unique; lines and skin tone detemine the placement of 1,000 magnetic gold plated microspheres. With magnets in place, with Qi rising, your skin is treated to an amazing fusion of plant nutrient stimulate, repair, tighten and nourish.




Skin tone and moisture varies from person to person and from day to day. Kathy Pedersen's exclusive formulas, comprising natural Australian plant extracts, enriched with vitamin and mineral nutrients, are personally matched to your skin.

The results are immediately visible.


Stimulate circulation and increase the hydration of your skin without injections, heat or abrasion.



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Anti Ageing or Embracing Ageing Naturally?


Skin care must be non-invasive or it is not "care"


This is a short history of the development of the Qi Beauty Gold Plated micro-magnet meridian regenerative skin system. The process is so simple, safe and natural yet it took the best part of a decade to develop.


There are two aspects to the Qi Beauty skin regeneration process; the clinic procedure and the take home kit. Qi Beauty started life as a take home kit, it was the painstakingly brilliant invention of Kathy Pedersen who took 9 years to develop the non-invasive skin regenerative process based on husband Dr Peter Pedersen's best facial acupuncture points.


Without any outside help or encouragement, (everyone said "it can't be done") Kathy researched and experimented, trialling her concept on herself, her daughters, her mother and occasionally willing friends. Success did not come quickly but failure built her resolve. Kathy experimented with every supposedly therapeutic herbal, metal, crystal and magnet on the Australian market. It was only when Kathy used therapeutic magnets that she saw a result. Not the result she was looking for...but a result none-the-less. The readily available therapeutic magnets, applied over the facial acupuncture points, caused reddening and actually irritated the skin. To everyone else, it proved the futility of her exercise, to was the sign that she needed. Kathy reasoned that if a therapeutic magnet could irritate the skin by virtue of some as-yet-unknown-factor, then a "different' magnet could have beneficial effects. And so the search began.


Kathy researched magnetic fields, known in science as SMF (Static Magnetic Field). The published scientific literature was encouraging, it spoke of changes in skin circulation, increases in alkalinity, decreases in wound healing time, alterations in bi-lipid layer alignment which allowed increased skin/blood perfusion and even had mentions of stimulation of collagen production. To Kathy, this was akin to winning the lottery, she had a concept and it was taking form with science. The task now was to find "the right magnet". This simple task took two years, way too much time and energy, hundreds of hours searching scientific papers for specific information that would help determine the gauss (strength), polarity, size and coating of her magnets. They were no longer "just" magnets, they had become "her" magnets.


The eureka moment came in 2005, when Kathy awoke with the discomforting awareness that Peter was sitting in bed staring at her face. Her face was adorned with 12 magnets...different magnets to any previous night. Peter was quite used to waking next to a patch covered face, after several years he was no longer unsettled, but this morning was different. They both recall with clarity that Kathy said "What?" Peter said "Your face!" Kathy asked "What about it?" and after all the years and the hundreds of failures and the thousands of hours..."'s different".


From that morning, with those magnets, on the best "face-lift" acupuncture points, left overnight to stimulate Qi (chi), to draw energy to the skin, to increase circulation and increase alkalinity, to improve skin appearance, over 5,000 people have experienced the benefits and power of Qi. And Kathy's magnets.


Thankyou for reading the short history of the development of the Qi Beauty Gold Plated micro-magnet meridian regenerative skin system. Do you think it would be a good story for Oprah Winfrey?





Kathy Pedersen has developed the WORLD'S first "take it home" all natural, non injection-based skin repair system.
Based on Dr Peter Pedersen's absolute best acupuncture "face-lift" points, this process alters the permeability of the lipid layer and increases hydration from within. It improves deep circulation and collagen production without any side effects. The process is simple and best applied overnight. NO NEEDLES ARE USED. You simply apply the patented gold plated magnetic micro-stimulators to the specific points and leave overnight.You are invited to visit her web site at or just pop into the Qi Beauty clinic in Nerang on the Gold Coast, where you can buy the kit for $90.




Qi Beauty Gold Magnetic Meridan Facial


The in-house procedure is known variously as the Qi Beauty Facial, the Cleopatra Gold Facial, the Chuan Ming Facial or the Gold Magnetic Meridain Facial. It is called the Cleopatra Gold Facial in beauty salons where it is performed by beauty therapists who have no access to TCM. This is discussed below, under the heading Qi Beauty Gold Magnetic Meridian Facial.


Non-invasive, natural beauty therapy at it's best!


The process is as relaxing as a massage, as natural as the elements...the five elements upon which it is based.


Traditional Chinese Medicine gave us a philosophy that is simple and refined. The energy that flows from the universe into every being, that gives life and renewal, is Qi (chi). We breath in, breath becomes Qi.


Our health and well-being, longevity and vitality, cognition and disposition, beauty and bounty...all relate to our Qi. Pure poetry and far from western scientific concepts,



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